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Dear HTC, I want a docking station that supports…..

29 juli 2011


Dear HTC

I want a docking station that supports a keyboard and a LED display with minimal resolution of 1024×768.

I own a wonderful HTC Sensation with Android OS. IT supports most applications that I use during normal conditions, both during working hours as well as during traveling. If I miss applications, I can find them in Marketplace. Al my content is stored in the cloud, like WordPress and Microsoft Office365.

But my wonderful HTC Sensations lacks support of a docking station so that it could act as a workstation. Now I have to use a separate HP TabletPC for normal textwriting. But this wonderful HTC Sensation is as powerful as a laptop or tabletpc. So why not using it as such?

I know that your competitors are also looking into this area. Motorola was the first to introduce their Atrix 4G. It comes with a docking station but this device is not supported in the Netherlands.

So please, design this feature and step into a new market where Mobile devices take over traditional laptop or even desktop devices. You have the power to develop such. Let me know when it’s available!

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Kind regards,


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